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  • Sizing your Ring
    What sizes are available for the Orbyt Ring? Orbyt is available in sizes 4 to 13. How do I choose the right Orbyt ring size? Once the order is placed, we will send you a complimentary sizing kit with mock rings. Wear the most comfortable size for a day to assess the fit and convey that size to us. Can Orbyt be worn on any finger? Yes, Orbyt can be worn on any finger that suits you. However, we recommend wearing it on either the index, middle or ring finger.
  • Product Safety
    Does Orbyt cause skin irritation or allergy? No, Orbyt is skin-friendly and safe. Orbyt uses skin-friendly materials (skin-friendly resin, medical grade stainless steel and gold-plated electrodes) which will not cause any allergies. In the case of rare emergencies, please contact your physician immediately. Is Orbyt EMF (electromagnetic or wireless radiation) and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) safe? Yes, it is totally safe as it uses BLE radios causing minimal EMF exposure. BLE (Bluetooth low energy) radio emissions are extremely low and very safe for humans to use in wireless applications. It is also ESD safe and will not shock you under any normal circumstances. Is it safe to wear Orbyt with medical devices like holter monitors or pacemakers? Orbyt does not cause any radiation to enter the human body. So, it is safe to use Orbyt even if you have a holter monitor or pacemaker. Do consult your personal physician for any specific advice. What to do if the ring is stuck on my finger? It is natural for your finger to contract and expand through the seasons and over time. You can try these conventional methods if you find your ring stuck: Wait for the finger swelling to subside before you remove your ring Run cold water on the finger and use a bit of soap or butter to make your finger slippery and gently twist the ring off your finger In case of emergencies, use a ring cutter to cut the ring. Note that this will permanently damage the ring. We doubt you will ever have to take this extreme step.
  • Product Features
    What colors is Orbyt available in? Orbyt comes in colours like Stellar black, Gunmetal grey, Rose gold, Auric gold and Steel silver. How long does Orbyt's battery last? Depending on the ring size and usage, Orbyt can last anywhere between 3-6 days on a full charge. Which devices and platforms are compatible with Orbyt? Orbyt is compatible with iPhones on iOS 14+ and Android devices on Android 6+. What materials are used in Orbyt? The interior is made up of skin-friendly resin and gold-plated electrodes for ECG. The exterior is made up of medical grade stainless steel with a titanium carbide coating. How does Orbyt measure my body signals? It uses an array of sensors like temperature, PPG, ECG, and an IMU to collect vital data from the human body.
  • Wearing and Usage
    Is Orbyt suitable for daily usage? Orbyt is scratch resistant and waterproof and is designed to be worn 24/7. It can be worn throughout your daily activities, cardio sessions, sports, swimming etc. Is Orbyt a medical grade device? No, Orbyt is currently not certified as a medical grade device even though the individual sensors used are medical grade. Do not use Orbyt to self-diagnose health conditions. Please use the data provided by Orbyt only as an indicator and consult a physician for detailed diagnosis. Can I wear Orbyt underwater while swimming? Yes, it is safe to wear Orbyt underwater. You can wear it during a shower, swim or a snorkelling session without fear of adverse effects. Is Orbyt suitable for workouts in the gym? Orbyt is perfectly fine for cardio sessions but avoid intense weight training with the ring on. This will enhance your comfort and avoid scratching the ring. What is the Calibration period for Orbyt? Currently there is no calibration required for the Orbyt smart ring.
  • Checkout experience
    What happens after I join the waitlist for Orbyt ring? You will receive an email with an invite code and a link to customize and purchase the ring. If it is not possible to service your request immediately, we will give you a corresponding wait time after which you will receive the invite code How long do I have to wait after placing my order for the ring? Your wait is likely to be 2-3 weeks after confirming the size. Is there a subscription fee for Orbyt data access? No, there is no subscription fee to access the basic vitals data provided by Orbyt. However, there might be nominal subscription fees if there is a requirement to store all the vitals data in the cloud for an extended period of time (> 6 months) In which countries is Orbyt currently available? Currently, Orbyt is available only in India. If you want to import it to other countries, please verify local laws for legality and compliance. It might also entail potential taxes and custom duties.
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